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by Deeds of Flesh

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John Chaos Alexander
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John Chaos Alexander Savagely delivered Brutal tech Death Metal at an Extinction level event Asteroid impact, Featuring a ton of Death Metal legends! Whats not to love \m/ Favorite track: Ethereal Ancestors (Feat: George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher).
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Orphan420 This is the album nobody deserved, but we still got it. Its a phantastic experience from the first second to the last! Favorite track: Races Conjoined (Feat: Matti Way, Frank Mullen and Jon Zig).
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BUCWAH 2020 Album of the Year! Favorite track: Alyen Scourge.
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tmemo A new album from Deeds of Flesh... And with Jacoby taking over the vocal work. I only have one thing to say: thanks to those involved. Erik lives! Hail Deeds of Flesh!
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Odyssey 03:27
Let me tell you of a place once known as Earth Now just a number, a symbol Used by its cosmic enemy  Who planned our destruction for millenia Waiting, patiently for man to weaken himself to the point of ruin In the century of the vital, man strengthened  And came together as one strong race of warriors From the void rose the Virvum Juggernauts  Vicious creatures craving the life force of men   Within them lied a transforming parasite A genetically morphing mimicry of life They unleashed the Xeno-Virus Many were altered at the cellular level and absorbed into a mass of unrecognizable terror However, a much worse and formidable attack came in the form of soul stealing technologies As the life force was drained from billions, the horde became stronger Now Lost and subservient, we were forced to bow to the new usurpers of Earth Many years later, a new hope arose That of a benevolent race, who planted help for us here long before man walked the earth It was they, the Elder ones, who spawned the Nucleus and sent it through oceans of space and time It remained hidden in the deep, waiting for the right moment to spore the seeds that will wipe this retched scorn from our planet and unleash man’s true power!
When the Races were young                            Before the wars prevailed    The elder ones predicted ruination to man Astronomical alignment proposing transformation  The dawning of a physical rebirth Lying in the wake unbeknownst to man Was an existential threat to all living beings  Derived from the uninhabitable ether A dying species desperate for resurrection For the sole intent to harvest Virvum Engulfing and grasping all that it encounters To rebuild its own civilization  Having fled from eradicated planets Seeking self-preservation   Determined to sustain and to evolve  The growth of its own breed Ālyən usurpers from untouched realms  Unleashing superior forms of technology Encroaching spatial vanguards invade  Vanguards invade The dawn of the next disguised in cozen pods Schemes of deception to harness life’s energies Having ability to render man obsolete Invasion ingrains their insidious deeds They unleashed the “Xeno-Virus” Virus! Man is forced to face the terror We are the perfect species to harvest  To infect, to deplete, to destroy To infect, to deplete, to destroy
Humanity’s way to escape a dying world To evade the cold grasping hand of demise Canaan! The portal to vitality was forged Evade...evade and live on A crusade in the wake of a foretold apocalypse A shift of power from a once thriving earth The Portal To salvation Has become Overtaken Our path has been diverted and used against us Culling the last of a damaged humanity from this planet A Terrifying hole in the sky to Transport bodies to the new harvest moon Exhumed out of the ground violation profound Pulsed, ripped and torn from the Earth We were born... Whirlwinds of dark matter concentrated in a vortex A procession into an obscure fathomless void A transport method to move the Virvum source Systematically encasing Disembodied and erasing Herding millions into the unknown expanse Transported within a turbulent tomb Ascension to a place Of suffering Through a flurry of a cold and swirling darkness Assimilated Through dimensional elevation Devoured in blackened clouds of dust Man confined and powerless in fragile shells of flesh Harnessing the energies of a mysterious force Diverted, Transported, Befouled, Discarded All shall parish alone in the catacombs All shall be harvested Drained of life, empty Flesh
Within the vast realms of the perpetual expanse Lying in the abyss of swirling decaying stars Woven into the web of the astral fabric… concealed in primordial dust of cosmic nebula Caliginous devourer of civilizations An inescapable prison that is cloaked and circling Adrift the stellar corpses reveal the harvest moon  A frozen and barren terrain crosscut by narrow fractures Clouded landscapes laden in debris of planetary detritus  Erupting geysers enshroud in sheets of ice Herein lies the origin Of the psionic stealers With the destruction of Earth’s harvest temples By the Xeno-Virus Monsters New psionic temples were formed off planet Hidden and horrible once more The secrets of the cosmos are revealed…suffering humanity’s great mutation Vessels of life encapsulated…disposable sources for Virvum Monumental structures erected by sources unknown Proves to be of an advanced technology       Tentacles of machines pull life from weakened beings Antiquated pillars Inscribed with alien hieroglyphic symbols Depiction of their liturgy for a higher distinction and purpose Giant catacombs siphoning the lifeforce of the remaining Temples for the process of entity blanking Ravaging corruption to prolong their own existence Within the catacombs of the monolith Hide the secrets and the fate of mankind Within the catacombs of the monolith  Strange machines rip the life from From human beings Procedural deeds persistent as they are ominous With the purpose to strip the body of all essence within   Siphoning man of lifeforce leaving them drained and hollow Harvesting their souls to power endless cosmic tyranny A necropolis strewn with hollowed human husks A repository for the banished and discarded
Unearthly scrolls submerged in the depths of the seas Contain an archaic text Depicting the hidden truths That all matter originates and exists by virtue of a force A cosmic web of energy eternally feeding knowledge and power Un-sensed by man’s infantile grasp  One race has mastered the code A benevolent race of omniscient beings They are we! Progenitor of our blood Spawned in the galactic center Millions of years before the dawn of our genesis Lying in wait, man's intelligent spawners, the Ethereal Ancestors Responsible for interjection of increased knowledge A Seismic shift, beyond our capability to comprehend Gifts bestowed upon us to enlighten our psyche And unleash our full potential from parasitic venom  Uploading new powers But first, emotions must be wiped away We…we are spawns Freed from the confines of the flesh A great enhanced ability implanted A creation of the overseers We were given life and designed for war We have learned to harness Aggression naturally We are strong, young and vital We are full of Virvum…with destructive desire The age of change is among us, and has come too fast   Now the process must be escalated To defend the knowledge long survived We must unite the power with the weapon It’s time to unleash the conjoining Hear the call from the deep Awakening humanity We are drawn to the sea By the Nucleus beasts
They travelled over eons of time to arrive Sent here by the elder race to thrive A being not of their making, but discovery Found within a violent star system Captured, observed and used for benefit Scientifically altered to survive eternally They have the tools to unleash the power of the mind Lying dormant for millions of years Beings that live in tune with the earth Awaiting the time to intervene A phytochemical enhancement An enviable union for Evolution Beasts of the sea, awaken and arise Colossal, they will fight, Join us in battle   Sent to the earth for a time of need They’ve hidden and survived How they’ve grown over eons of time   They are called by the Ethereal Ancestors Let the process begin, It’s time for war They are calling us to the seas Only the worthy will receive the seed The strong, the wise, the vital…implanted The mind released to full potential Nucleus beasts pierce the surface of the sea To unleash the parasitic seeds of war Monstrous to behold  Like nothing modern man had seen Tentacles spew forth and unleash the parasites Starting a chain reaction, that awakens the unconscious mind Now strong, now wise and vital…implanted They are powerful, and they will fight They will drown the remaining juggernauts The last of the human race is telepathically called Called to the waters For The Conjoining Leaving man to finish the Alyen race
The cull of the ancestors to the water’s edge An awakening activated by the Elders…. Coalescence of two entities becoming one A new creation of power and might The Nucleus will seize and control the flesh Critical to strengthen cognition and volition Human organism Improved and repurposed Everything will exist just to serve its intelligence An enhanced weapon of elder design Man and Nucleus, races conjoined Necessary for the final war Man and morphon combined  Intent with purpose to destroy Tiny parasites, when implanted, create superhuman warriors  Unleashing the full potential of the brain to enhance the last of us Collision between mankind parasite Circumstance of invasive hybridity A destiny to kill, defend and perish Coiled together and evolving as one An organism once human remodeled The mind will become wiped as emotions submerse   Substance injected explodes within the cortex Host now Submitted to the parasitic venom A consuming incursion for augmentation Venom implanted (new line) With powers of might and manipulation of matter  Using only thought, only a few are needed to crush many      The Alyen horde is no match for the new race The Conjoined are all powerful And emotionless, awakened and crowned in omniscience Man and Nucleus, Races Conjoined
The final battle is here Onslaught and carnage are assured Man and beast united it’s time to crush the enemy As they approach the Alyen horde The power of the mind supreme A mass of creatures hurled aside, crushed and twisted Probing thoughts penetrate internal organs Blood pours and sprays as diverging foreign screams Penetrate the sky Once inhabited landscapes now left in pools gore Alyen matter covers the ground Creatures not immediately killed Suffer beautifully Limbs cracked and broken backwards Splitting skin tears as pressure pulls the flesh apart Eyes and brains explode as they come within our sight Thousands of suffering enemies piled across the arena A mural of gore and purity Some are kept alive to induce information The alien mind is hard to read A cacophony of thoughts can’t be interpreted immediately the brain learns fast, the language is deciphered Scattered remains decimated and disfigured A supreme display of crushing domination humanity revived to its rightful power over our domain Cruelty divulges information About the now hidden alien forces Attrition is now their fate It’s time to hunt them down and distinguish the horde Our allies are fierce Their Virvum beasts are dragged to the bottom of the sea Incoming waves of enemy invaders are no match for the new race We will crush them where they stand without movement The mind does the work, manipulating the mass and flesh To do our will With savage tactics of barbaric strength and force We will vanquish and become…victorious! Distressed, they’ve seen our new power and run afraid They know they are defeated The Alyen ships docked in orbit begin to turn and flee The formation moves to the air and using mind driven powers Pull the ships from orbit to the Earth Like meteors from the sky, The atmosphere burns with cinders of alien debris There is no escape for the horde, they are slaughtered Mankind will never surrender Therefore never be defeated
Onward 01:44


Alyen Scourge
Ascension Vortex (Feat: Decrepit Bill, Obie Flett, Anthony Trapani)
Catacombs of the Monolith (Feat: Luc Lemay)
Ethereal Ancestors (Feat: George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher)
Nucleus (Feat: John Gallagher)
Races Conjoined (Feat: Matti Way, Frank Mullen and Jon Zig)
Terror (Feat: Dusty Boisjolie and Robbe Kok)


released December 11, 2020

Recording and Mixing:
Guitars/Orchestral Programming by Craig Peters, Carnivale Nocturnal Studios
Drums Recorded by Darren Cesca, House of Grind Studio
Bass Recorded by Ivan Munguia
Main Vocals Recorded by Chad Land
Mixed & Mastered by Zack Ohren, Castle Ultimate, Oakland, CA

Music Writing:
All Music written by Craig Peters, Erik Lindmark and Ivan Munguia
All lyrics and vocal arrangements by Mike Hamilton and Jacoby Kingston

Cover Art:
Raymond Swanland

Special appearance by Avila Kingston on Odyssey.


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